DNA barcoding of Aphanius vladykovi from different habitats in Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari Province, Iran

Farideh Abolhasani, Iraj Hashemzadeh, Mohamad Saieed Heidarnejad, Seyedeh Narjes Tabatabaei


This study was aimed to reveal the possible cryptic diversity of the Aphanius vladykovi populations in the Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari Province, Iran using mitochondrial cytochrome-c oxidase subunit I (COI). A total of 30 specimens from the Beheshtabad River, Choghakhor and Gandoman Wetlands, and Brovi, Shalamzar, and Balagholi springs from the Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari Province were collected. The maximum within-population genetic distance based on K2P was 0.28% and this distance was 0.22% between populations of Gandoman and Brovi with Shalmazar, whereas the least genetic distance was observed between Choghakhor and Beheshtabad (0.09%). A total of six haplotypes were observed between the studied specimens. Maximum Likelihood (ML) and Neighbor-Joining (NJ) trees reconstructed and all haplotypes from A. vladykovi specimens collected from non-type localities nested in one group with A. vladykovi from Choghakhor wetland i.e. type locality. The results of this study detected no cryptic diversity in A. vladykovi inhabiting different habitats in the studied region. Hence, it is proposed to consider all the studied populations in conservation measures related to A. vladycovi.


Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I, Differentiation, Genetic barcodes, Haplotypes, Phylogeny.

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