Population dynamic parameters of the highly endemic fish, Alburnoides qanati Coad and Bogustkaya 2009, (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Kor River Basin, Iran

Asymptotic length Growth coefficient Growth performance index Management Conservation.


April 17, 2015


The present study provides the data on the population parameters of an endemic qanat spirlin, Alburnoides qanati from the endorheic Kor River basin of Iran to assess the stock status of this cyprinid fish species, which is highly important from management and conservation points of views. Fish specimens (387) were collected from Moshkan Stream, Kor River basin, Iran in 2011-2012. Asymptotic length (L∞) and growth coefficient (K) were estimated at 123.9 mm and 0.31/year for females and 93 mm and 0.49/year for males, respectively. Growth performance index (í˜') was calculated as 8.47 and 8.35 for female and male specimens, respectively. Total mortality (Z) of females (1.56/year) was higher than males (1.14/year) whereas natural mortality (M) of female specimens (0.44/year) was lower than male specimens (0.65/year). Data on growth and mortality parameters and also length-weight relationship of A. qanati revealed significant differences with corresponding data from other Alburnoides species from Iran and other countries, which could be attributed to habitat's differences and specific species characteristics.