Length–length and length-weight relationships and condition factor of nine freshwater fish species of Nageshwari, Bangladesh

Most Habiba Ferdaushy, Mohammad Manjurul Alam


The research carried out the length-length relationships (LLR), length-weight relationship (LWR) and condition factor of nine freshwater small indigenous species viz. G. giuris, E. Danricus, M. pancalus, L. guntea, C. fasciatus, P. sophore, H.  Fossilis, C.  punctatus and M. cavasius from the waterbodies of Nageshwari, Bangladesh. Relationships among different body lenght parameters of each species were found highly significant with all “r” values being >0.900. LWRs were obtained on the form of TW = aTLb. The “b” values range from 2.65-3.03. The parameter “b” of the length-weight relationship equation showed higher value (>3) only for G.  giuris and C. fasciatus. Rest of the specimens showed lower value (<3) but close to the value of 3 and relationships were found highly significant with all “r” values being >9.00. The Fulton’s condition factors showed positive growth tendency for five specimens viz. G. giuris, C. fasciatus, P. sophore, C. punctatus, M. cavasius; and negative tendency for four specimens viz. E. danricus, M. pancalus, L. guntea, and H.  Fossilis.


Length-weight, Condition factor, Morphometrics, Indigenous species.

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