Structural characterization of the olfactory epithelium of freshwater olive barb, Puntius sarana (Hamilton, 1822)

Olfactory epithelium Function Histoarchitecture Surface architecture


July 17, 2014


The cellular organization of the olfactory epithelium of Puntius sarana (Hamilton, 1822) was explored by means of optical and scanning electron microscopy. The oval shaped olfactory rosette was composed of 26-28 primary lamellae distributed from both sides of the central raphe. The sensory epithelium confined chiefly on the linguiform processes of the lamella and rest of the portion consisted of non-sensory epithelium. The sensory epithelium was embossed with morphologically distinct three types of sensory cells: ciliated, rod and microvillus receptor cells. The non-sensory epithelium was made up of mainly stratified epithelial cells and mucous cells. Different cells lining the olfactory epithelium were discussed in relation to mode of life and living of the fish concerned.