Length-weight and length-length relationships in populations of Garra rufa from different rivers and basins of Iran

Yazdan Keivany, Ali Nezamoleslami, Salar Dorafshan, Soheil Eagderi


This study describes the length-weight and length-length relationships for 28 populations of Garra ruffa in different basins of Iran, including Tigris, Karkheh, Karun, Persis and Hormuz. The length-weight relationships from most localities are reported here for the first time. For most populations the b value was not significantly different from 3, indicating an isometric growth, in a few, it was significantly bigger than 3, indicating a positive allometric growth, and in some, it was significantly smaller than 3, indicating a negative allometric growth. In the whole samples, it was not significantly different from 3, indicating an isometric growth.


Cyprinidae, Doctor fish, Growth, Life history.

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