Length‐weight relationship for two flounder species from Iranian waters of the Persian Gulf

Azad Teimori


The length-weight (LWR) relationship was estimated for the first time for two flounder species viz. Pseudorhombus elevatus Ogilby, 1912 and Solea elongata Day, 1877 from Iranian waters of the Persian Gulf. Fishes were collected using fishing boat during August to December 2017. No information is available in FishBase regarding the LWRs of these species. The b values of the LWR was 2.98 for P. elevatus and 3.10 for C. elongate, and the r2 values are 0.996 and 0.989, respectively. These estimates can be used for estimation of biomass of the studied fishes employing length frequency distributions.


LWR, Flounder species, Persian Gulf, Pseudorhombus, Solea

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