Growth and condition factor of Capoeta damascina in the Azad dam Lake and the Komasi River in Kurdistan Province, Iran

Hasan Fazli, Gholamreza Daryanabard, Medi Naderi Jelodar, Rahman Mirzaei, Hamid Hosseinpour


The objective of the present study was to estimate the population parameters, including length-weight relationship (LWR), condition factor (KF), relative condition factor (Kn), age, growth, and mortality of Capoeta damascina in the Azad Dam and Komasi River in the Kurdistan Province, Iran. Total length and weight were 51-350 (180.6±68.63) mm and W: 2.5-465 (93.3±110.89) g in the river and 120-260 (191.5±30.76) mm and 14.7-216 (75.9±39.89) g in the dam Lake and river, respectively. The length-weight regression was W=0.0122×FL2.9338. The sex ratio (M:F) was 1:0.47, for adult C. damascina which differed significantly from the expected 1:1 (P<0.001). The von Bertalanffy growth parameters were estimated as L = 373.3 mm, K = 0.17 yr-1 and t0 = -0.58 yr. The instantaneous coefficient of natural mortality was estimated as 0.36 yr-1. The average KF values were 1.13±0.14 and 0.98±0.18, and Kn were 1.11±0.12 and 0.98±0.18, in the river and the lake, respectively. In conclusion, C. damascina showed an isometric growth pattern, which the rapid growth is occurred during the two first years of life. The Kn showed that the fish were at suitable welfare conditions in the Azad Dam.


Growth parameters, Length-weight relationship, Condition factor, Population.

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