Length-weight relationship of black sea urchin (Stomopneustes variolaris) in Sri Lanka

Indian Ocean. Echinodermata. Biology. Sea Urchin.


February 11, 2018


This study attempted to describe the length and weight frequency, and length-weight relationship in the black sea urchin, Stomopneustes variolaris, in Sri Lanka. The sampling sites Mount-Lavinia (n=43), Beruwala (n=99) and Tangalle (n=55) were selected from South-west coast in Sri Lanka. The shell length and body weight were measured separately for three sampling sites. The mean length and weight of S. variolaris were 5.55±1.04 cm, 101.40±57.76 g; 6.54±0.86 cm, 147.90±50.40 g, and 6.41±1.05 cm, 150.50±59.45 for Mount-Lavinia, Beruwala and Tangalle, respectively. In addition, the length-weight relationship of S. variolaris were W=0.9953*L2.6472, W=0.9651*L2.6536 and W=1.4665*L2.4637 for Mount-Lavinia, Beruwala and Tangalle, respectively.