Karyosystematics of Kol tooth-carp, Aphanius darabensis (Teleostei: Cyprinodontidae)

Azam Mansoori, Mehregan Ebrahimi, Ali Gholamhosseini, Hamid Reza Esmaeili


The karyological and cytological characteristics of an endemic cyprinodont fish of Iran, Aphanius darabensis Esmaeili, Teimori, Gholami & Reichenbacher, 2014 have been investigated for the first time by examining metaphase chromosomes spreads obtained from gill epithelial and kidney cells. The diploid chromosome number of A. darabensis is 48. The karyotype consisted of five submetacentric and 19 subtelocentric pairs of chromosomes (5sm+19st). The fundamental number (FN) is 58. Sex chromosomes were cytologically indistinguishable in this tooth-carp. According to this study and previous karyological reports from other cyprinodont species, it can be suggested that the diploid number (2n=48) is common amongst cyprinodont fishes. These results can be used as basic informations in population studies and management and conservation programs.


Cyprinodontiformes, Chromosome, Cytogenetical analysis, Idiogram.

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