Water quality assessment of Al-Sabil River, Iraq using of CCME index

Water quality index Freshwater Pollution BOD


February 25, 2024


The study aimed to determine the water quality of the Al-Sabil River using the Canadian Water Quality Index (CCME WQI). The study was performed by measuring some physical and chemical properties in four selected sites that extend in three provinces including Najaf, Al-Diwaniyah, and Al-Muthanna for a distance of 114 km for six months from August 2022 to January 2023. The results revealed that the average physical and chemical properties, including water temperature, pH, and EC were 19.33-25.33?, 7.25-7.54, and 1138-2510 µs/cm, respectively. The total suspended solids and turbidity recorded 1261-1676, 30.1-47.78, respectively. The DO and BOD have been recorded at 6.417-7.1, and 3.467-6.133 mg/L respectively. The total hardness, Ca, and Mg were 630-853.3 mg/L, 146.3-192.7 mg/L, and 87.39-236.19 mg/L, respectively. The phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate (mg/L) were 0.591-0.887, 0.486-1.539, and 1.772-6.921, respectively.  The results of the study using the Canadian model water quality index (CCME WQI) showed that the lowest rate was 44.35 showing a poor condition in the first site and the highest rate was 51.41 as a marginal condition in the 3rd site.