Larval stages of digenetic trematode parasitizing freshwater snails in the water bodies of Maysan Governorate, Iraq

Trematode Cercariae Freshwater snail Parasite


February 25, 2024


A survey was conducted on the larval stages of digenetic trematodes parasitizing freshwater snails in the water bodies of the Degla River passing through Maysan Governorate, southern Iraq, from March 2022 to February 28, 2023. The rates of snail infection with cercariae varied. Examination of 5,109 snails revealed four types infected with cercariae, namely: R. auricularia, P. acuta, M. tuberculata, and Melanopsis spp., with infection rates of 44.5, 16, 26.5, and 13%, respectively. The researcher identified 21 species of cercariae belonging to 12 families: Plagiorchidae, Echinostomatidae, Microphallidae, Fasciolidae, Gymnophallidae, Telorchiidae, Lecithodendriidae, Haematoloechidae, Heterophyidae, Haploporidae, Transversotrematidae, and Cyathocotylidae. Thirteen species were recorded for the first time in Iraq: Xiphidiocercariae II, Monostomatous I, and Gymnocephalous II from R. auricularia snails, Xiphidiocercariae IV from P. acuta snails, Gymnocephalous III, Parapleurolophocercous I, Pleurolophocerca I, Monostomatous II, Pleurolophocerca II, and Gymnocephalous IV from Melanopsis spp. snails, and Furcocercous I from M. tuberculata snails, as well as Macrocercous I and Macrocercous II.