Reproductive biology, maturation size and sex ratio of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon Fabricius, 1798) from fishing grounds of Digha coast, West Bengal, India.

Naser Uddin Sk, Shubhadeep Ghosh, Joydev Maity


The present paper studies the reproductive biology, maturation size and sex ratio of Penaeus monodon collected from Digha fishing grounds, India during 2011-2013.  A total of 633 individual of P. monodon were examined and among them 242 were males and 391 were females. The overall yearly sex ratio was observed to be 1:1.6 (males: females). Based on the results, the spawning season of P. monodon was mainly in January-February and was extended up to June. The first maturity was observed at 163.5 mm length. The estimated number of ova in the mature ovary ranged from 120155 to 961240 in P. monodon.


LM50, Spawning season, GSI.

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