Morphometric characters and condition factors of five freshwater fishes from Pagla river of Bangladesh

Amblypharyngodon Aspidoparia Puntius Cirrhinus Chanda.


March 28, 2014


The research was aimed to carry out the length-length relationships, length-weight relationship and condition factor of five freshwater small indigenous fish species i.e. Amblypharyngodon mola, Puntius ticto, Cirrhinus reba, Chanda nama and Aspidoparia morar from the Pagla river Bangladesh. The relationships equations among different body length parameters of each species were found highly significant. The length-weight relationship equation were found as TW=0.0351 TL2.86 for A. mola, TW = 0.0104 TL3.10 for P. ticto, TW = 0.0261 TL2.96 for C. reba, TW = 0.0175 TL2.845 for C. nama TW= 0.0101 TL3.05 for A. morar. The "b" values ranged from 2.845-3.10 which remained on the expected range of optimum growth.