Evaluation of length-weight relationship for a native goby, Awaous jayakari (Teleostei: Gobiidae) in the Middle East

Native Fishes Middle East Inland Waters Oman LWR.


September 11, 2021


Parameters of length-weight relationship of freshwater and marine fishes have long been of interest as a longstanding theme fisheries sciences and have been estimated for many fishes around the world. In this study, for the first time, length weight relationship (LWR) was estimated for a native fish, the long nose goby Awaous jayakari (Gobiidae) collected from the inland waters of Oman in 2020 using foldable shrimp and crab fishing traps (mesh size of 3*3mm). The parameter of b for male and female specimens based on standard length (SL) was within the range of 2.666-4.377 and 2.852-3.374 respectively. As proposed for different fishes there was high and significant correlation coefficients with between length and weight of (0.970-0.983). Bailey's "˜t' test revealed that b value significantly deviated from 3 for both males and females.