Sulfuric acid treatment for Artemia cyst decapsulation

Decapsulation Artemia Sulfuric acid Hypochlorite solution


April 12, 2013


In the present study, sulfuric acid was used for Artemia cysts decapsulation. Cysts of Artemia franciscana were hatched out in regular manner or following hypochlorite or acid decapsulation. Two acid concentrations (1 and 5%), three acid immersion times (10, 30 and 50 min) were used and hatching rates were recorded after 15, 18 and 24 h incubation. Hatching rates increased but hatching time decreased in line with acid concentration and acid immersion time increment. Hypochlorite-treated cysts had significantly higher hatching rate (97%) compared to other groups. However, among the acid- treated cysts, the best hatching rate (92.4%) was achieved in cysts treated with 1% acid over 50 min. Acid treatment could be used as a decapsulation method which saves cost and labor because of increasing the  hatching rate and speed.