Biodiversity of freshwater rotifers (Rotifera: Eurotatoria) of Mizoram, Northeast India: composition, new records and interesting features

Composition Biogeography Interesting taxa Richness Sub-tropical waters.


October 31, 2015


The plankton and semi-plankton samples examined from Mizoram state of northeast India (NEI) revealed speciose and diverse Rotifera assemblage including a total richness (S) of 162 species belonging to 19 families and 35 genera. The reports of six species new to India, four species new to NEI and 76 new records to Mizoram merit biodiversity interest. The occurrence of one Australasian, one Oriental, seven Paleotropical, one Holarctic, one cosmo (sub) tropical and five other interesting species imparts biogeographical value while several species indicate regional distribution importance. Lecanidae > Lepadellidae > Brachionidae > Trichocercidae collectively comprised 69.7% of total richness (S). Lecane > Lepadella > Trichocerca are diverse genera (~52.0% of S) while Brachionus spp. (~8.0%) deserve cautious mention. The rotifer diversity pattern is predominantly "˜tropical' with a large component of cosmopolitans (~71.0% of S) while tropicopolitan and pantropical species contributed ~16.0%. This study indicated high richness of the littoral-periphytonic and relative paucity of planktonic taxa. Analysis of periphytic, sessile, colonial and benthic taxa, and of cryptic diversity in certain species-groups merit attention for further biodiversity update and we estimate occurrence of 250+ rotifer species in Mizoram.