Study of the macroalgae and application of ecological evaluation index (EEI-c) in the coastal waters of Algeria

Marine pollution Monitoring Algerian coastal Macroalgae.


October 25, 2019


The diversity of macroalgae and evaluation of the Algerian coastal waters using EEI-c index were studied. Macroalgae were sampled at seven stations in summer 2019. Coverage data for the macroalgae at each site were analysed at species level. Eleven species have been identified and the results showed the prevalence of Cystoseira compressa and Ulva sp.. The least abundant species were Cladophora sp. and Corallina elongata. Classification of sites based on the cluster analysis shewed an agreement with the water degradation information. Based on the results, the EEI-c values were quite homogeneous over all the studied sites, and generally correspond to undisturbed states except for one site.