Paraschistura ilamensis, a new species of loach from the Tigris River drainage (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae)

Saber Vatandoust, Soheil Eagderi


Paraschistura ilamensis, new species, is described from the Tigris River drainage, Iran. It is distinguished from other species of Paraschistura in Iran by a combination of the following characters: emarginate caudal fin, stout, deep and scaled body, deep caudal peduncle, 7-10 irregular and interrupted vertical pale brown bars on flanks, two obvious dark spots on the upper and lower caudal fin unbranched rays, and moveable protuberance at the antero-ventral corner of the eye in males.


Paraschistura, Morphology, New species, Tigris, Iran.

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