Alkaline phosphatase activity as a biochemical biomarker in aqua-toxicological studies

Mahdi Banaee


Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is a glycoprotein with a metallophosphatase structure that catalyzes the hydrolysis of monophosphate esters of biomolecule esters at alkaline pH. ALP activity is a useful bioindicator to assess the physiological health of cellular membranes, cell growth, apoptosis and cell migration, cellular metabolic status, hepatocyte function, and detoxification activity in hepatocytes. ALP activity is detected in a colorimetric method using the para-nitrophenyl phosphate substrate (p-NPP) at a wavelength of 405 nm in biological samples. Cell hemolysis, especially erythrocytes; increased levels of sex hormones and corticosteroids, biological infections, and poor nutrition can adversely affect ALP activity.


Detoxification, Alkaline phosphatase, Interfering factors, Aquatic organisms.

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