Biological features of Chanda nama (Ambassidae) in the Old Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh

Zoarder Faruque Ahmed, Ferdous Ahamed, Mst. Kaniz Fatema


Biological features including sex ratio, length-frequency distributions (LFDs), size at sexual maturity, spawning season, length-weight relationships (LWRs) and condition factor of Chanda nama were studied in the Old Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh. There was no significant difference in sex ratio. LFDs indicated no significant differences in size between the sexes. Size at sexual maturity was estimated at ~3.0 cm standard length. Monthly variations in gonadosomatic index indicate that the main spawning season is from July to August. The LWRs showed isometric growth in males and positive allometric growth in females. Fulton’s condition factor varied in both sexes and was attributed to variations in GSI with maturity. The findings of this study will be helpful to formulate conservation and management strategies of C. nama population in the Old Brahmaputra River and surrounding ecosystems.


Sex ratio, Sexual maturity, Spawning season, Growth pattern.

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