An investigation on morphology, age and growth of the Caspian Sea Kilka (Clupeonella cultriventris) in Babolsar, southern Caspian Sea

Zohreh Mazaheri Kouhanestani, Rasoul Ghorbani, Saeid Yelghi, Abdolazim Fazel, Mahmood Zoghi


In this study, 160 fishes were randomly collected from commercial catch by a cone net in Babolsar Port from January to October 2010. The biological features of specimens were measured. 2+ years old fishes made the dominant age group with 33.75% and 1+ and 5+ years old had the least frequency (8.75%). Relationship between length and weight indicated negative allometric growth pattern (b=2.581). The Von-Bertalanffy growth parameters were calculated as L¥=131.57 mm, k=0.26 and t0=-1.02. Growth performance index was 1.66 and the total mortality (Z), natural (M) and fishing (F) mortality coefficients were 0.9 year, 0.43 and 0.47, respectively. The exploitation ratio (E) was calculated as 0.52.


Morphology, Growth, Natural and Fishing Mortality, Caspian Sea

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