Review of the Lampreys of Iran (Family Petromyzontidae)

Brian W. Coad


The systematics, morphology, distribution, biology, economic importance and conservation of the lamprey of Iran are described, the species is illustrated, and a bibliography on this fish in Iran is provided. There is one native and endemic species in the Caspian Sea basin, Caspiomyzon wagneri. The genus Caspiomyzon is characterised by having 2 dorsal fins, an oral disc narrower than the body, teeth are generally low and blunt, the supraoral lamina is small, oval and sometimes has 2 tubercles and rarely 2 teeth, the infraoral lamina has 4-6, usually 5, teeth which may be bicuspid at their tips; there are about 8 small teeth of equal size in the transverse lingual lamina, the exolaterals, anterials and posterials are strong and close together, anterior and endolateral circumorals 9-11, usually 11, and 3 long, papillose velar tentacles are present. Characters of the species are the same as the genus. Trunk myomeres number of C. wagneri are 53-68 in ammocoetes, and 68-69 in adults.


Caspian Sea, Biology, Caspiomyzon, Morphology.

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