Range extension of Moenkhausia oligolepis (Günther,1864) to the Pindaré river drainage, of Mearim river basin, and Itapecuru river basin of northeastern Brazil (Characiformes: Characidae)

Erick Cristofore Guimarães, Felipe Polivanov Ottoni, Axel Makay Katz, Pâmella Silva de Brito


The present study reports range extansion of Moenkhausia oligolepis to the Pindaré river drainage, of the Mearim river basin, and Itapecuru river basin, Maranhão state, northeastern Brazil. This species was previously known only from Venezuela, Guianas, and the Amazon River basins. In addition, we present some meristic and morphometric data of the specimens herein examined and discuss on its diagnostic characters.


Ichthyology, Incertae sedis, Maranhão state, Taxonomy, Teleostei.

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