The complete description of the skeletal structure of Hafez loach, Turcinoemacheilus hafezi (Cypriniformes, Nemacheilidae)

Nasrin Nikmehr, Soheil Eagderi, Hadi Poorbagher, Hamid Farahmand


The osteological characteristics is an important tool for clarification of the phylogenetic statue of the family Nemechelidae. Since any information is available about osteological features of the genus Turcinoemacheilus, hence the present study provides a detailed osteological characteristics of the Turcinoemacheilus hafezi as representative of this genus. Ten specimens of T. hafezi were collected from the Shalamzar Stream, Tigris basin, Iran and cleared and stained for osteological examination. According to the results, T. hafezi is osteologicaly characterized by absence of the preethmoideum-I and postcleithrum, having four basibranchials, presence of the sesamoid ossification, free and short epural with the reduced neural process and pleurostyle, connection of the hypural-1 to the parahypural, no connection of the hypurals 3, 4, and 5 to the pleurostyle, and no bony bridge between the parietal.


Nemacheilidae, Osteology, Loach, Turcinoemacheilus, Iran.

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